Here you will find my first attempts at getting to grips with my Pioneer DJ decks, this was/is my escape from self-isolation and the public reveal of a life long passion for music

My passion has been with me since I was young but I have never been brave enough to "put it out there", but here we are! From the minute I wake up to the second I go to sleep there's always music playing, there's always a song stuck in my head, there's always a smile on my face because of it. Music is my motivation and has helped me through some pretty hard times to say the least!

My style could be considered messy - I'm self taught and no matter how hard I try I can't plan track lists, when to mix songs or when to add effects, I make it all up as I go along, I'll even swap from one genre to another part way through a mix

Be warned, sometimes it sounds good, other times bad, either way I have fun from start to finish

Latest Mix


Mix 10.mp4

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Mix 10 - 21st July 20

Welcome to my 10th mix! It starts out drum and bass and ends up hardstyle, as usual not planned and it was cut short because I needed to finish making dinner... #AdultLife

Lots of looping, cuts and filter/gate comp effects used, and my echo kept misfiring at the start as I had the delay set too long so ignore those bits

Also I've gained some video editing skills so the audio on the video is now full quality track - Exciting!


Pioneer XDJ-RX

Since February 2018 I have owned the beast, and I've slowly added lights, lazers and smoke machines... because why not

As you can expect with my background in IT my setup is a little overkill, when I'm at home I run Rekordbox on a dedicated PC that connects in to a network drive which contains all my tracks and the DJ database, the good thing about this setup is I can run Rekordbox on any other PC and the track database is always up to date. In the begining I ran the decks purely from memory sticks and soon discovered how much faff it was keeping everything up to date!